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Trump administration plans to delay any changes if the ACA loses in court
Paige Winfield Cunningham and Yasmeen Abutaleb / The Washington Post

The Trump administration, with no viable plan for replacing critical health benefits for millions of Americans, plans to seek a stay if a federal appeals court invalidates all or part of the Affordable Care Act in the coming weeks — and may try to delay a potential Supreme Court hearing on the matter until after the 2020 presidential election, according to current and former administration officials.

Senior administration officials say they have some ideas for replacing parts of the 2010 health-care law, “principles” crafted in part by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid administrator Seema Verma. However, replacing key benefits — such as guaranteed coverage for people with preexisting conditions — would require the cooperation of Democratic congressional leaders, who have vowed to defend the law and have no interest in a piecemeal replacement plan likely to fall far short of preserving health coverage for about 20 million Americans.

The administration’s plan to seek a stay of any court ruling that undermines the law reflects the political disadvantages of its decision to side with GOP-led states seeking to topple the ACA, also known as Obamacare. Even as the Justice Department urges the courts to invalidate the entire ACA, administration officials are promising voters that there will be no immediate impact on their coverage.

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One of Australia's biggest banks is facing 87 criminal charges for allegedly hawking life insurance through unsolicited phone calls
Sophia Ankel and James Hennessy/ Business Insider Australia

CommInsure, a wholly owned subsidiary of the bank at the time, made unsolicited phone calls to bank customers selling a life insurance product named Simple Life.

The life insurance arm of Commonwealth Bank, one of Australia's biggest banks, is facing 87 criminal charges over allegations it hawked life insurance products with unsolicited phone calls.

Each charge carries a maximum penalty of AU$21,250, meaning Commonwealth Bank could face fines of up to AU$1,848,750 if all charges are proven in court.

In a statement released on its website, Commonwealth Bank says that it self-reported the matter, and declined to comment further.

ICMG Annual Conference
Orlando, Florida, January 29-30, 2020
ICMG's Annual Conference has a history of offering networking events where executives from insurance and financial product manufacturers and distributors meet and successfully develop business partnerships. Our next conference will be no exception!

Those that have attended for several years know the ICMG Annual Conference is the place to network and get deals done. If you're looking for a new product, someone to design a new product for you, or you're looking for distribution for new or existing products, chances are you can find what you're looking for at the ICMG Annual Conference.

WHO ATTENDS: Senior level executives and decision-makers from insurance carriers, fraternal, and financial organizations, marketing organizations and distributors, operational and sales support providers, and others involved in creating business relationships and strategic alliances.

See More and watch the video to get a feel of what you can expect at an ICMG Annual Conference!

What's next in healthcare and digital health? Here are 4 trends to watch
by Heather Landi

Uber is looking to get into pharmacy medication delivery. The prescription eyeglass company Warby Parker is moving into virtual eye exams and audio equipment maker Bose wants to help consumers get better sleep through hearing technology.

Consumer-focused companies are rapidly moving further into healthcare and industry incumbents need to be ready for accelerating change: that was one of the big takeaways from CB Insights' Future of Health conference in Manhattan this week.

It’s not just startups attacking entrenched interests in healthcare; it's large companies as well, said CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal during the conference.

The healthcare sector remains in flux as policy, regulation, technology and trends shape the market. FierceHealthcare subscribers rely on our suite of newsletters as their must-read source for the latest news, analysis and data impacting their world. Sign up today to get healthcare news and updates delivered to your inbox and read on the go.

"The field of play is changing pretty dramatically and the competitive lines are constantly being redrawn," he said, noting Amazon’s "unbundling" of the pharmacy, Apple’s unbundling of the clinical trials process and Google’s unbundling of the hospital.

Here are three other trends to watch in digital health and healthcare:
The AI hype is over.
Telehealth is attracting new players.
Focus on social determinants of health is growing.

How Machine Learning is Transforming Healthcare at Google and Beyond
Dale Markowitz / Towards Data Science

Machine Learning — the art of using patterns in data to make predictions — stands to transform almost every industry, from finance, retail, and marketing to digital assistants and self-driving cars. But when it comes to how machine learning (ML) might benefit humanity, there’s almost no field more promising than healthcare.

Hardly a month passes when we don’t hear about a new disease that machine learning models have learned to tag faster and more accurately than trained clinicians. ML is being used to help doctors spot tumors in medical scans, speed up data entry, and respond automatically to hospital patients’ needs.

These ML-powered breakthroughs come at a crucial time, as the shortage of doctors and specialists in the US and worldwide continues to grow. As our demand for doctors surpasses supply, we may well find ourselves depending on technology to help fill in the gaps.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the ways Google and others are applying Machine Learning to healthcare.

Trump moves to suspend visas for uninsured immigrants

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation Friday that will require immigrants to prove they can obtain health insurance before they are issued a visa.

The proclamation — the latest in a series of moves that would restrict immigration — says immigrants must demonstrate they will have health insurance within 30 days of entering the country or that they can afford to cover any medical expenses.

The White House touted the proclamation as "protecting health care benefits for American citizens," arguing that uninsured immigrants create a financial burden for hospitals and doctors, forcing them to charge higher fees for Americans to cover the cost.

8 Gig Work Options In The Healthcare Industry
Abdullahi Muhammed, Contributor / Forbes

As the healthcare industry is undergoing major digital transformations, new gig work opportunities come up with increased frequency. What’s even better, right now there’s not enough people to fill in all the positions and healthcare jobs are among the least competitive ones. So if you have the relevant training and skills, below are eight gig work options worth considering.
1. Medical transcriptionist
2. Nurse case manager
3. Clinical program manager
4. Healthcare recruiter
5. Fitness trainer
6. Health IT/nursing informatics specialist
8. Patient advocate

How Healthcare Software Is Helping The Industry Evolve -- Plus, The Top Healthcare Software Developers

Top Software Development Companies determined the healthcare software systems of 2019, how they help the medical industry thrive in today's world, the top healthcare software developers from around the world, and more.

NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Research shows that the healthcare enterprise software market is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2023. This more than doubles its value in only 6 years.

SoftwareDevelopmentCompany.co, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers, researched the leading healthcare software systems and how they are improving the industry.

Healthcare software can be used for a variety of things, including:

1. medical records
2. insurance claims
3. appointment booking
4. medical device functionality
5. and more!

Innovative healthcare software systems, such as EPIC or MEDITECH, enable the secure data collection and storage of important healthcare information. This allows easy information gathering, better access to healthcare, and still adheres to HIPPA regulations.
View the full report here: https://www.softwaredevelopmentcompany.co/blog/what-is-healthcare-software/

Tokio Marine Agrees To Acquire PURE Affiliated Group Of Specialty Companies
Acquisition Positions Tokio Marine as Major Player in United States High Net Worth Market
PRNewswire/ -- Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. today announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Privilege Underwriters, Inc.

The PURE Group is one of the leading writers of high net worth insurance in the United States. The company has grown organically by more than 20% in each of the past twelve years and has inforce premiums of more than $1 billion. The PURE Group creates specialized insurance solutions and offers coverages including: Homeowners; Automobile; Personal Excess Liability; Jewelry, Art & Collections; Fraud and Cyber Fraud; Watercraft; and Flood. The company is headquartered in White Plains, New York with ten offices across the United States. The PURE Group employs approximately 800 people writing business in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

"The PURE Group's member-owned model is unique and forges an alignment of interests focused on delivering a sophisticated insurance solution to carefully selected individuals.


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