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Should your 23andMe results make your insurance costs spike?
Lawmakers consider blocking insurers from soliciting test results.
Jacob Ogleson / FLAPOL

Sen. Aaron Bean, a Fernandina Beach Republican, introduced a bill (SB 258) this session that will stop life and long-term care insurers from yanking, lifting or flat-out denying coverage based on genetic test results.

“What we want to prevent is [genetic] information being used to your detriment,” Bean argued at the time.

As personalized medicine grows, many health leaders want to see more tests done to inform medical professionals treating patients.

Protections against genetic discrimination enjoy support from the American Medical Association. But his efforts in the past met resistance from insurers.

Lobbyists for the industry argue that with the growth in private genetic testing services, patients will frequently know more about their medical status before buying insurance. Likely, many will leave insurers in the dark about pre-existing risks.

The debate comes as testing companies increasingly market their abilities to provide clients with valuable health information.

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Lack of work-life balance is causing women to quit. Better benefits can help
Sharif Paget / ebn

Gender-parity in the workplace still remains elusive. While employers have made strides to attract and retain female employees, many still fail to foster work environments that support women in the workplace, experts say. Research finds that a key reason why women aren’t happy with their jobs is a lack of work-life balance.

Experts say offering benefits that encourage greater balance and creating a more inclusive culture can help employers attract and retain female employees.

A study published by the World Economic Forum found that 44% of respondents rank unconscious bias among managers and a lack of work-life balance as significant barriers to gender parity. Experts recommend that employers expand their benefits, root out sexist behavior and place women in leadership roles to create a more inclusive environment.

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Report: Amazon moms push for backup day care benefits
Ryan Golden / HRDIVE

Dive Brief:

A group of 1,800 working mothers employed by Amazon, referring to themselves as "Momazonians," is calling on the e-commerce company to consider backup day care benefits, according to a report by Bloomberg.

According to an email reviewed by Bloomberg, the group has collected anecdotal evidence on how the lack of day care can hurt female workers' ability to advance in their careers. The group plans to meet with senior managers to discuss the issue and encourage Amazon's HR team to collect data about day care challenges, Bloomberg said, with backup child care being a particular pain point.

In a statement to HR Dive, Amazon didn't respond directly to a question about the group of mothers, but did state that it offers memberships and discounts for childcare services, among other related benefits, including "flexible parental leave and health benefits starting on the first day of work."

Philip Morris International awarded equal pay certification
Katie Scott / employeebenefits

Global cigarette and tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris International (PMI) has been accredited by non-profit organisation Equal Salary Foundation for awarding equal pay to its employees.

The certification verifies that PMI pays all employees, based across more than 90 countries, the same for equal work, regardless of gender.

The methodology for certification includes a statistical analysis of all staff salaries, as well as on-site audits of PMI country affiliates by third-party auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). The process also involved interviewing management to confirm gender pay equality commitments, conducting employee focus groups to understand their perception of equal pay, and reviewing HR policies and practices to identify bias and recommend corrective action if required. The certification process took 18 months.

How to Build a More Diverse Leadership Pipeline in the Insurance Industry
Allison Dubrow, Peter Reed and Bill Pieroni / Carrier Management

The value of diversity is well recognized today. Yet study after study finds that the pipeline of women narrows at each successive level of most organizations. While we see milestones in the number of women in corporate boardrooms and C-suites, most would agree that women’s progress into senior business leadership roles remains mixed.

Together, executive search firm Spencer Stuart and ACORD, the global standards-setting organization for the insurance industry, conducted in-depth discussions with several senior women leaders about turning points in their careers. We drew upon the individual and organizational lessons learned in our new report, “Increasing Gender Diversity in Insurance Leadership.” Their insights provide not only the “why” but also the “how” for building gender diversity in the leadership pipeline. We’ll focus here on the “how.”

Here’s what companies can do to build the leadership pipeline:

Signal the importance of gender diversity from the top.
Make leaders accountable for sponsoring and developing women.
Foster an environment that welcomes diverse perspectives.

What should women do to move into the leadership pipeline?
Speak up about your interests and aspirations.
Don’t wait to feel ready.
Continue expanding your knowledge.
Build relationships.

U.S. Telehealth Startups Offer Cures To Healthcare Challenges
Savannah Dowling / Crunchbase Daily

Sick of that drive to the doctor’s office and the anxiety that comes from waiting in their office as you grumble at the amount of time and cash it took for you to even get there in the first place?

Yeah, you aren’t the only one. Not only have startups emerged to bring healthcare to a digitized level, but investors are seizing on the opportunity.

With our ability to connect through message, voice, and video at an all-time high, daily activities–from exercise to work–have become more convenient. And healthcare, with its multiplicity of difficulties is no exception.

Telemedicine companies ranging in category from urgent care to fertility to cannabis have landed significant capital over the past few years.

Take a look at some notable companies that have raised since the beginning of 2017:
See Chart: Notable U.S. Venture-Backed Telemedicine Companies

How to Choose: 24 Different Designations for 401k Advisors?
Help comes in the form of a newly updated guide to retirement plan professional designations and certifications, which shows the average annual cost to maintain one is $330
Brian Anderson / 401k Best Practices

Interested in earning a professional designation or certification to help you become a more competent 401k advisor?

You’ve got lots of choices—24 of them, to be exact—according to the just-released “2019 Retirement Plan Professional’s Designation & Certification Guide,” compiled by Sharon Pivirotto, owner of the 401kbestpractices.com blog.

The new and updated version marks the fourth edition of the guide, intended to help qualified plan sales and service professionals review and compare all the different retirement-focused designation and certification programs. The first edition was published back in 2007 with only 13 different programs listed, and was updated again in 2012 and 2015 before this year’s edition.

Stay Ahead of Competition With These Employee Perks
ART LANGER, Chairman and Founder of Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) / business.com

If you employ full- or part-time staff, one of the most important things you'll need to consider is employee benefits and perks.

Did you know 60 percent of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer? The most common workplace benefits are those surrounding health, vacation time, parental leave and retirement plans.

Then there are the over the top perks that have become synonymous with companies like Google and Twitter, such as catered lunches, messages at the office and on-site improv classes. While these perks are enticing, they are not sustainable or affordable for all companies, especially mid-size and smaller.

There’s something to learn from these perks. As Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, brought up in their shareholder letter when taking Google public in 2004, their commitment to employee benefits was to "save employees considerable time and improve their health and productivity." By valuing and showing interest in ways to make their employees’ lives easier in and out of the office, they are more likely to bring their entire selves to work.

Here are just some of the out-of-the-box perks that can set a company apart from its competitors:
Student loan assistance
Family-friendly workplace policies
Identity theft insurance
Financial wellness and advisement services

JM Family adds full college tuition at FAU to its many employee benefits
Deerfield Beach-based JM Family Enterprises is launching a fully paid college tuition program for its 4,300 employees.
Marcia Heroux Pounds / Sun Sentinel

Usually earning the college degree comes first, and then the job.

But for employees at Deerfield Beach-based auto giant JM Family Enterprises, just working at the company can entitle them to full tuition at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

JM Family, a $16.3 billion diversified automotive company, is the first employer in FAU’s new program that will pay full tuition and fees.

JM Family’s 4,300 employees, including 1,700 in Deerfield Beach, can take as many courses as they want with no upfront payment required, according to the company and FAU. The program also covers books and fees, and many classes are available online.

Connecticut legislators unveil public option for health insurance

Connecticut lawmakers are joining other states that have unveiled proposals to expand government-run health coverage, with plans to extend state health benefits to small businesses and nonprofits, and to explore a public option for individuals.

Under two measures announced Thursday, officials would open the state health plan to nonprofits and small companies – those with 50 or fewer employees – and form an advisory council to guide the development of a public option. The legislation would allow the state to create a program, dubbed “ConnectHealth,” that offers low-cost coverage to people who don’t have employer-sponsored insurance.


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