2022 Media Kit

Use the "Daily Insurance Report" to "Message," "Generate Leads" and "Build Your Brand" with:
  • Healthcare Professionals,
  • Top Employee Benefit Brokers & Agencies,
  • High Profile Influencers such as TPA's, IMO’s, Industry Consultants,
  • InsureTech Entrepreneur, & Startup Executives,
  • and more...
The "Daily Insurance Report" has refined marketing campaigns for the employee benefits industry to the most cost-effective / easily administrated program available today.
We have grown a list of many of the key people engaged in the distribution and administration of health, voluntary, and employee benefits.​ We have a very simple and cost-effective platform for creating engagement within the entire ecosystem of professionals involved in the distribution of employee benefits.

Our database has been carefully constructed to include the top employee benefit brokers and agencies, as well as high profile influencers such as TPA's, IMO’s, industry consultants, insureTech, etc.   
Here is some short information we all know, but serves as a “best practices” guide. It is based on our experience with our audience: 

  1. We will send out two dedicated e-mails, normally about a week apart.
  1. The subject line should compel your audience, not necessarily the entire list, to want to open the e-mail to find out more. (when they are scanning their e-mail box, they should stop because they think “this is something that applies to me.”)
  1. The HTML content should drive potential prospects to your website, which for best results includes a form.
  1. Your landing page should have a form (see #3 above) and a reason that motivates people to complete the form. Otherwise it is “They came! They looked! They left!” which hasn’t accomplished anything. If, however, you have their contact information you can market to them over, and over, and over. When your prospects get to your form they should be thinking: “something good is going to happen if I complete this form.”
  1. The cost is $1,250.00
  1. Remember, creating interest and generating new relationships is hard. Your campaign should be “remarkable” to pay off.
If you have any questions, or I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

Walt / 440-773-1108
We will send two dedicated e-mails (1 per week for two weeks) to our entire 25,000 subscriber list. The dedicated e-mails sent on your behalf will be the subject line and content you submit.
The crux of your engagement with the "Daily Insurance Report" is to:
1) Put your message in front of our list of 25,000 subscribers.
2) Compel your best prospects to visit your "Landing Page" with an attractive offer,
3) Capture their contact information via your "Landing Page"  form.
4) Once they are in your marketing funnel, you can keep your message(s) continually in front of them via e-mail, etc. to take advantage of the timing nature of moving forward decisions.
The fee is $1,250 total. It includes both dedicated e-mail distributions ($625.00 per dedicated e-mail distribution.)
Let us help you fill your 2022 pipeline with qualified relationships, for a fraction of the price you will be charged anywhere else. Call us at 440-773-1108, or if you want to read more, continue below.
  • The dedicated e-mail is anything you can create in HTML: however, it is recommended to keep the width to 600 pixels or less, in order to fit in all viewing windows / e-mail platforms
  • It's critical to get the subject line of your dedicated e-mail right. It isn't as effective to try to get everyone to open the newsletter as it is to get your best prospects to open your e-mail. People are scanning their e-mail box; let them know in your headline they should stop scanning and open your e-mail and look at it by being as specific as possible.
  • "Gain More Clients" won't be as effective as "Gain More Accounts With Our Powerful New Cost Analysis Tool you Can Make Available Free To Your Clients."
  • Compel people to want to find out more at your website (after they have submitted their contact information,) The object isn’t to get every subscriber to open your dedicated e-mail, it is to get the demographic that is a prospect for your products or services and possible thinking about them right now, to say: This pertains to me, I should find out more.”
  • Best practices are to link to your landing page with a form / call to action. When you send your subject line, and HTML file, also send the links to your landing page. We will always send a proof for your review prior to insertion.
  • Designers: All graphics, etc. are to be pulled from your websites, and the correct links to retrieve the graphics should be built into the HTML file sent to us.
  • Your dedicated e-mail message is designed to do only one thing: create interest in finding out more and clicking through to your landing page (not always your website.)  (Your "message" is the "tool" to "create interest," not to sell them on your products, services, and company.)
  • Your landing page is designed to do only one thing: compel your visitor to complete your form. (If you don’t capture their contact information it is:” They came! They saw! They disappeared!")
  • Yes, it's hard work to get your value proposition condensed to a short message, but it is high payoff activity.
  • Campaigns must be paid for prior to launch.
  • We are happy to review your ad, offer tweaks and suggestions, etc. to help you with your ad, dedicated e-mail, and webinar details. We will also create a sample ad if you like that will be customized just to you to help you get started.
  • We could provide a lot of stats and information, but let's start with this.

  • There's only one statistic from us that should be relevant to you.

  • How many of the right people are going to actually see your messages and engage with your content?

  • Our EXPERIENCE is that an average of 5,000+ unique people will open your dedicated e-mail.

  • Of course, our list is much larger than 5,000; but list size means nothing unless you know:
    -- how many people are opening up the message,
    -- who is on the list,
    -- are they seeing your message, and
    -- are they taking action; completing your form to provide you with their contact information.

  • The crux of your engagement with the audience of the "Daily Insurance Report" is to allow the best prospects for your products and services to SELF-SELECT themselves by reaching out to you via your website form.

  • We know at the end of your campaign that you will be pleased with the new relationships you have made distributing your message to our entire list two times @ $625.00 per distribution, or $1,250.00 total.

Walt Bernard Podgurski

Daily Insurance Report
440-773-1108 (cell)





  • There are no charges or fees for press releases that are published in the "Daily Insurance Report."
  • Only the first few paragraphs of the press release are included in the newsletter.
  • The headline will be linked to the entire press release that is on your website, published on your LinkedIn page, etc.
  • Your headline is critical for all your messages, press releases, ads, and dedicated e-mails.
  • Most people today are scanning, not reading. Your headline should make someone who is a prospect for your products and services "STOP," because they realize the content is something specific they should review.
  • The criteria for whether your press release will be published or not is subjective; and may not ever be included in the newsletter. Our content goal is to make the newsletter as relevant and interesting for as many of the subscribers we can.
  • If your press release is not published on your website, the best alternative is to publish it on LinkedIn-Pulse, and then send us the link to it. This has the additional advantage of being able to promote to your LinkedIn relationships.